Fabulous Book - fabulös keramik

Almost a year ago I posted about Frida Anthin Brogberg's beautiful ceramic business FaB in Sweden and at this time she was working on her book. Since September the book is released (in Swedish) and it looks fabulous! It is packed with pretty images, inspiration and practical tips on how to create beautiful ceramic pieces. 

After looking at this book excerpt I want to get my hands on clay immediately.


Shabby Chic Magazine - Miss Caffè

Open publication - Free publishing - More casa

Blogger Irene from Valdirose published the Shabby Chic magazine "Miss Caffè". It's in Italian but there is so much prettiness to see, you'll be delighted!

A travel tip: If you are going to visit Flirenze, Irene runs a B&B!


Domenica More Gordon

How about a cute dog as a christmas present under the tree? Of course not really a good idea. Unless the dog comes from Domenica More Gordon!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I first discovered her work in my favourite magazine We Love Living. It's amazing what Domenica can do with a piece of felt isn't it? I can almost hear them woofing...

Find out more on her website. You can even buy do it yourself dog kits or postcard through this Dutch website.

The photographs are taken by Claire Lloyd. Her work is adorable too! Visit her website here.

Images by Claire Lloyd


Chrochet Goodness - Francine Toukou

Last week I finally started to learn how to crochet. Thanks to youtube I found some good instructions and I'm delighted to make proceedings.
I'm also glad that I found out about Francine Toukou's chrochet goodness. So lovely and stylish!

You can buy patterns and ready to wear items from her website or from her shop in New York.
She also writes an inspiring blog and you can watch her cute videos on youtube here.

So excuse me for now, I need to go crocheting...


Kylie Johnson's paper boat press

Brisbane based artist Kylie Johnson creates poetic pieces with clay and on paper. I love them!
And I love her blog where I can see her work in progress and catch a glimpse into her studio.

Have a look at her beautiful website and paper boat press shop!

Images: paper boat press


La petite patisserie de Mirayné

What is the magic of Zakka? A certain simplicity with a touch of inperfection? Maybe. I just know when I find it, I'm totally charmed.

I plan to share more Zakka finds here and today I want to invite you for a muffin and coffee at La petite patisserie de Mirayné...


Tricia Foley - A Heaven of Inspiration

Lovely Beldecor does a White Christmas Giveaway. You can win the book "White Christmas" by Tricia Foley. I remember that a few years ago there was a homestory featuring Tricia Foley in an English magazine.
I can still see the New England house, the garden, all the whites... It's funny to think about it, I was actually very young back then, remembering beautiful homes seems natural to me (becoming an Interior Designer was my childhood dream!).

However, I didn't follow Tricia Foley the past few years. Until today when I visited the Beldecor blog.
I googled her and I love what I found! Today Tricia runs a shop called "The New General Store", she has a beautiful website and keeps several blogs. I find her simple white dominated style totally inspiring!
The New General Store is an online shop but they hold seasonal events with a pop-up store (love this idea!).

Don't miss this heaven of inspiration!

Cabbages & Roses in Tokyo

Whenever I visit the website of Cabbages and Roses I immediately want to move into an English country home where my days are filled with working in the garden, feeding the chickens, baking cakes and drinking lots of tea...

Earlier this year a Cabbages and Roses shop opened in Tokyo and it makes me happy to think how the Japanese welcomed it with pure joy. I love how the Japanese can show such affection for pretty things.


Sweet Sweet Blog - Sukkertøy for øyet

Today I fell in love with a Norway blog called "Sukkertøy for øyet", which means candy for the eyes. And yes, this blog is pure eye candy! I can't stop looking at the beautiful pictures...

Enjoy and get inspired! :-)


Shopping at Liberty


Hello Cupcake Cuteness - Leila Lindholm's New Book

The new book by Leila Lindholm is called "Hello Cupcake" For now it's available in Swedish only. Can't wait for the German version. Looking at the preview makes my heart already beat faster...it's Cupcake cuteness at its best!

To be honest I almost need to stop myself from buying the Swedish version already. I mean why not type the recipe in Google for the translation... hihi

See a preview of the book here 

Images from facebook.com/leilalindholm 


Pure Style Home

There is a lovely reportage about Jane Cumberbatch's home on Design Sponge. The beautiful photos are taken by talented Keiko Oikawa.


Foodie Blog - Kitchy Kitchen

Kitchy Kitchen is the blog by Claire Thomas, a self declared unabashed food enthusiast from LA. She does not only post delicious written recipes but mouthwatering videos too. They are like a moving page from a stylish cook book, a piece of art really - gorgeous! Find all of Claire's videos on vimeo here

Images from Kitchy Kitchen


Aesthetic For Every Day - Fog Linen Work

"...to create beautiful simple products for daily use." That's what fog linen work does.

I first found out about this company when I visited Japan three years ago. I discovered the magazine "around LINEN" which features several creative people and their lifestyle using fog linen work products.

Yumiko Sekine started her business 1993 importing used books and houseware from Europe to Japan. When she couldn't find decent linen goods in Japan and anywhere else she decided to have them produced by her own desing with a traditional linen factory in Lithunia. She started with seven items and now has an extensive line of stylish household, interior and fashion goods.

I am always fascinated how the Japanese add their own Japanese spirit to a design and style that has its roots in Europe. And I love how they can breath beauty into practical everyday items. I think you can find some Wabi Sabi spirit in fog linen work products...

There is a very good book if you want to learn about Japanese aesthetic concept, it's called "Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence". You can find it here.
It really opened my eyes. It gives you a good idea about something that a Japanese finds hard to explain to a western person, at least I was told so by a Japanese friend.
It's true we might not have the background for complete understanding, nevertheless we might well be drawn to its result...

Images: fog linen work 


Eye Candy

A dreamy sweet room for a little one...
Find some eye candy here on this blog. I already posted about it in the past.


THE MAKERS by Jennifer Causey

Jennifer Causey, photographer and blogger of simply breakfast has also a website called The Makers Project. It's a wonderful photo project where she documents various Brooklyn based handmade and artisan producers. With every photo series comes a short questionairy about Brooklyn and daily life habits.

I do not only love the idea and her choice of makers but also the simple concept of the website. I adore Jennifer's photography style, her eye for detail and focus on daily and imperfect things. Make sure you also check the portfolio on her website.


Sweet Kitchen


I totally love the tiny sweet kitchen of Leela Cyd Ross! See the photostream on apartment therapy here. I found it trough the kitchn, a great blog with yummie recipes and other kitchen tours.

Image: Leela Cyd Ross


A Scandinavian dream - Julias vita drömmar

Do you want to dream a little with me? The Swedish farm boutique "Julias vita drömmar" (Julias white dreams) is my shopping dream come true. Owner Julia has also an online boutique and she takes international orders! Ahhh the Scandinavians... really, I could travel from Denmark to Finland over and over just because of their beautiful shops and small boutiques.

So go on dream a little... Julias blog is full of dream material too!

Images: Julias vita drömmar


Photographer Anne Naumann

I would like to share some beautiful photos by German photographer Anne Naumann with you. Check out her website for more eye-candy. I think this weekend I fill up empty glass jars with flour and rice...

Images: Anne Naumann


IKEA LIVET HEMMA - A Treasure Chest of Inspiration

There might be a certain interior style that you easily recognise as "typical IKEA style" but a great thing about IKEA is that combined in the right way with other things the outlook can be very individual. I found the above pictures on IKEA LIVET HEMMA, an inspiring blog with lots of beautiful images a bit different than the ones in the catalogue.

And on the IKEA Live website you can have a peek into other people's real home an steal some nice ideas. So, when are you planning your next IKEA trip?



Agneta Livijn Ceramics

Agneta Livijn is a Swedish artist and designer with her own ceramic line. The colours and shapes of the 'Agneta line' collection are adorable, aren't they? The perfect unperfection! Their generous size and handmade look gives them such a cozy feeling. Imagine drinking your grande Latte out of those happy cups!


A fabulous day in Sweden

All images by Frida Anthin Broberg

Today I want to invite you for a trip to Sweden! Let's have a cinnamon bun for breakfast in Stockholm and we are well prepared for our two hours journey to a small swedish village.

See the sign "Keramik" and "Trädgards" Café? We head towards the small red house with its large windows, surrounded by trees and are welcomed by sympathic ceramic artist Frida Anthin Broberg. This is Fridas studio and shop in the backyard of her beautiful home, where she lives with her husband and two boys (her cowboys!). During summertime she also runs a summercafé. So there a lot of time to enjoy her creations and to think about our shopping choices.

Frida started making pottery six year ago during her studies of arts&crafts. In 2009 she opened up her own business and at the moment she is working on a book about modern ceramics. It will be released in fall in the nordic countries and hopefully also in English.

Her beautiful work reminds me, that I not only want to admire these wonderful handicraft but to actually support it. To add from time to time such handmade pieces to my kitchen cupboard. There is something so pristine about handmade pottery with its a unique touch,
Visit Fridas website fabulös keramik and her blog Fabulös inspiration for more swedish fairy tale inspiration!