A fabulous day in Sweden

All images by Frida Anthin Broberg

Today I want to invite you for a trip to Sweden! Let's have a cinnamon bun for breakfast in Stockholm and we are well prepared for our two hours journey to a small swedish village.

See the sign "Keramik" and "Trädgards" Café? We head towards the small red house with its large windows, surrounded by trees and are welcomed by sympathic ceramic artist Frida Anthin Broberg. This is Fridas studio and shop in the backyard of her beautiful home, where she lives with her husband and two boys (her cowboys!). During summertime she also runs a summercafé. So there a lot of time to enjoy her creations and to think about our shopping choices.

Frida started making pottery six year ago during her studies of arts&crafts. In 2009 she opened up her own business and at the moment she is working on a book about modern ceramics. It will be released in fall in the nordic countries and hopefully also in English.

Her beautiful work reminds me, that I not only want to admire these wonderful handicraft but to actually support it. To add from time to time such handmade pieces to my kitchen cupboard. There is something so pristine about handmade pottery with its a unique touch,
Visit Fridas website fabulös keramik and her blog Fabulös inspiration for more swedish fairy tale inspiration!

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  1. Hi Alexandra,
    We're in BYW class together ... I read your comment in the forum and found your blog. I love your style here! It's so beautiful. Maybe we are kindred spirits .. I love chai tea, too! : )
    Have a lovely day .. I've got you bookmarked!