Aesthetic For Every Day - Fog Linen Work

"...to create beautiful simple products for daily use." That's what fog linen work does.

I first found out about this company when I visited Japan three years ago. I discovered the magazine "around LINEN" which features several creative people and their lifestyle using fog linen work products.

Yumiko Sekine started her business 1993 importing used books and houseware from Europe to Japan. When she couldn't find decent linen goods in Japan and anywhere else she decided to have them produced by her own desing with a traditional linen factory in Lithunia. She started with seven items and now has an extensive line of stylish household, interior and fashion goods.

I am always fascinated how the Japanese add their own Japanese spirit to a design and style that has its roots in Europe. And I love how they can breath beauty into practical everyday items. I think you can find some Wabi Sabi spirit in fog linen work products...

There is a very good book if you want to learn about Japanese aesthetic concept, it's called "Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence". You can find it here.
It really opened my eyes. It gives you a good idea about something that a Japanese finds hard to explain to a western person, at least I was told so by a Japanese friend.
It's true we might not have the background for complete understanding, nevertheless we might well be drawn to its result...

Images: fog linen work 

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  1. Wow, that is so interesting! I had no idea that was how Fog Linen was started. I've always loved their minimalist look, the quiet but soothing style and colors. And yes - Japanese style is so fascinating. I went to Japan last year and especially visiting Kyoto (where there's so much history)...you could see a sense of their very personal and historical aesthetic.

    Have a great weekend! :)