Hello Cupcake Cuteness - Leila Lindholm's New Book

The new book by Leila Lindholm is called "Hello Cupcake" For now it's available in Swedish only. Can't wait for the German version. Looking at the preview makes my heart already beat faster...it's Cupcake cuteness at its best!

To be honest I almost need to stop myself from buying the Swedish version already. I mean why not type the recipe in Google for the translation... hihi

See a preview of the book here 

Images from facebook.com/leilalindholm 


  1. ....oh mann, das sieht ja so was von köstlich aus! vor allem das titelbild ist so verführerisch. danke fürs zeigen und herzliche waldgrüße, dunja

  2. Mmmmm those look delicious, especially on this grey rainy afternoon. What a lovely looking blog!