Tricia Foley - A Heaven of Inspiration

Lovely Beldecor does a White Christmas Giveaway. You can win the book "White Christmas" by Tricia Foley. I remember that a few years ago there was a homestory featuring Tricia Foley in an English magazine.
I can still see the New England house, the garden, all the whites... It's funny to think about it, I was actually very young back then, remembering beautiful homes seems natural to me (becoming an Interior Designer was my childhood dream!).

However, I didn't follow Tricia Foley the past few years. Until today when I visited the Beldecor blog.
I googled her and I love what I found! Today Tricia runs a shop called "The New General Store", she has a beautiful website and keeps several blogs. I find her simple white dominated style totally inspiring!
The New General Store is an online shop but they hold seasonal events with a pop-up store (love this idea!).

Don't miss this heaven of inspiration!

Cabbages & Roses in Tokyo

Whenever I visit the website of Cabbages and Roses I immediately want to move into an English country home where my days are filled with working in the garden, feeding the chickens, baking cakes and drinking lots of tea...

Earlier this year a Cabbages and Roses shop opened in Tokyo and it makes me happy to think how the Japanese welcomed it with pure joy. I love how the Japanese can show such affection for pretty things.


Sweet Sweet Blog - Sukkertøy for øyet

Today I fell in love with a Norway blog called "Sukkertøy for øyet", which means candy for the eyes. And yes, this blog is pure eye candy! I can't stop looking at the beautiful pictures...

Enjoy and get inspired! :-)


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