A Scandinavian dream - Julias vita drömmar

Do you want to dream a little with me? The Swedish farm boutique "Julias vita drömmar" (Julias white dreams) is my shopping dream come true. Owner Julia has also an online boutique and she takes international orders! Ahhh the Scandinavians... really, I could travel from Denmark to Finland over and over just because of their beautiful shops and small boutiques.

So go on dream a little... Julias blog is full of dream material too!

Images: Julias vita drömmar


Photographer Anne Naumann

I would like to share some beautiful photos by German photographer Anne Naumann with you. Check out her website for more eye-candy. I think this weekend I fill up empty glass jars with flour and rice...

Images: Anne Naumann


IKEA LIVET HEMMA - A Treasure Chest of Inspiration

There might be a certain interior style that you easily recognise as "typical IKEA style" but a great thing about IKEA is that combined in the right way with other things the outlook can be very individual. I found the above pictures on IKEA LIVET HEMMA, an inspiring blog with lots of beautiful images a bit different than the ones in the catalogue.

And on the IKEA Live website you can have a peek into other people's real home an steal some nice ideas. So, when are you planning your next IKEA trip?