Fabulous Book - fabulös keramik

Almost a year ago I posted about Frida Anthin Brogberg's beautiful ceramic business FaB in Sweden and at this time she was working on her book. Since September the book is released (in Swedish) and it looks fabulous! It is packed with pretty images, inspiration and practical tips on how to create beautiful ceramic pieces. 

After looking at this book excerpt I want to get my hands on clay immediately.


Shabby Chic Magazine - Miss Caffè

Open publication - Free publishing - More casa

Blogger Irene from Valdirose published the Shabby Chic magazine "Miss Caffè". It's in Italian but there is so much prettiness to see, you'll be delighted!

A travel tip: If you are going to visit Flirenze, Irene runs a B&B!


Domenica More Gordon

How about a cute dog as a christmas present under the tree? Of course not really a good idea. Unless the dog comes from Domenica More Gordon!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I first discovered her work in my favourite magazine We Love Living. It's amazing what Domenica can do with a piece of felt isn't it? I can almost hear them woofing...

Find out more on her website. You can even buy do it yourself dog kits or postcard through this Dutch website.

The photographs are taken by Claire Lloyd. Her work is adorable too! Visit her website here.

Images by Claire Lloyd


Chrochet Goodness - Francine Toukou

Last week I finally started to learn how to crochet. Thanks to youtube I found some good instructions and I'm delighted to make proceedings.
I'm also glad that I found out about Francine Toukou's chrochet goodness. So lovely and stylish!

You can buy patterns and ready to wear items from her website or from her shop in New York.
She also writes an inspiring blog and you can watch her cute videos on youtube here.

So excuse me for now, I need to go crocheting...


Kylie Johnson's paper boat press

Brisbane based artist Kylie Johnson creates poetic pieces with clay and on paper. I love them!
And I love her blog where I can see her work in progress and catch a glimpse into her studio.

Have a look at her beautiful website and paper boat press shop!

Images: paper boat press


La petite patisserie de Mirayné

What is the magic of Zakka? A certain simplicity with a touch of inperfection? Maybe. I just know when I find it, I'm totally charmed.

I plan to share more Zakka finds here and today I want to invite you for a muffin and coffee at La petite patisserie de Mirayné...