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Maybe it's because it's Spring time... I so wanted a new canvas. So here it is, my new blog:

flowers in a jar

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Second Blog - My Darling Guide

I started a second blog! Please come and visit me here too!


A labour of love - Love Lane Vintage

Love Lane Vintage is a charming antique and vintage shop in the village of Billingshurst in England. At the moment they are moving from an old barn to a new location and their new website is in progress but I can't wait any longer to share this loveliest of business with you. Love Lane Vintage does also wedding styling, and vintage china hire. Owner Lucy designs also clothes and she runs the business with the help of her family You can easily see that it's a real labour of love. And how sweet; In the new shop, which will open in July, they will be serving homemade cake and bread from a mini kitchen.

The images make me so dream about running after the chickens in a simple romantic dress and sipping tea (with victoria sponge!) in a cottage garden with vintage china. Ok, a very romantic idea of country life but I totally believe in adding romance whenever you can. :)

As mentioned their website is in progress but you can visti their facebook page for more dreamy material.

I wish Lucy the best of success with her shop moving and reopening and lots of lovely customers! I hope to count myself to one of them, when visiting England.

Images: Country Homes & Interiors Magazine


Concept for a dream house

I think I 've found a concept for my dream house; An open mezzanin level, house high bookshelves, skylight in a bedroom that opens to a terrace! :) Well, the downside of this mezzanin design is, that it's not child savely at all and maybe not even for adults... sigh. Find all images of this extraordinary home here.

Images: Andreas Meichsener for nytimes.com


A pleasure to read - LLAMA'S VALLEY

Oh, I quickly need to share this e-magazine from Lithuania with you! I found it via Mokkasin. Its' called LLAMA'S VALLEY - perfect places, imperfect people. It  features a fresh mix of people, stories, interiors and recipes. The interviews are a a pleasure to read and I love the genuine felling about this magazine. And don't miss their blog, lot of goodies for the eye!


Charming Country Style

On the website of Skonahem you can find a lovely gallery of country style interiors. From classic to modern, from simple to minimalistic. I'm always fascinated how a style can be interpreted so differently and I think the interiors above are all beautiful. Yet, I'm most drawn to the last image. White simplicity with just a hint of country and romance; That works like magic for me...

Images: skonahem.com


Happy Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day here in Switzerland and via Vosgeparis I discoverd the fitting photography project "She Can Leap Tall Buildings" by Heidi Lender. Have a look at it it's great! Being 30 soon, I seem to get  more and more a sense of what motherhood could mean. Foremost the notion that one can't really imagine it before experiencing. I wonder if and when I finally feel ready (as far as one can be really ready) for such an adventure. I'm wishing all mummies and women a happy Mother's day!

Image: Heidi Lender


A place for books and Earl Grey tea

I would happily move into this London garden cabin during a rainy weekend. With a big pile of good books and lots of Earl Grey tea!

Images: via shootfactory.co.uk


From head to toe - Esme and the Laneway Blog

The great images above are from the blog Esme and the Laneway. Very vintage from head to toe, isn't it?

I for myself, wear most of the times jeans and a basic black top with a scarf or a cardican. My make up consists of mascara and some subtle lipstick. There is really room for more colours and patterns.
Being so passionate about interior design I'm actually a bit surprised about myself at being a bit indifferent when it comes to personal styling. Not, that I don't care at all but I think I really want to get a bit more creative and brave. Esme and the Laneway serves as a really good encouragement for that!

Images: Esme and the Laneway

The sweetest things - Anknel and Burblets Blog

"Anknel and Burblets - Food, interiors, motherhood and London life." When I read this title, I notionally set three exclamation marks behind it as it covers the very things I love (ok, I can't totally relate to motherhood yet). Add beautiful simple photographs and wise sympathic words and I'm over the moon. The only (not too bad) downside is, blogger Charlotte takes some of the most delicious cake photographs, you might immediately start to feel a strong craving for it! To make things a little worse; Charlotte writes another blog called Lovely Foods. And who are Anknel and Burblets? Charlotte's childhood fairies! :)

Images: Charlotte Franklin from Anknel and Burblets


A Beautiful Birthday - The Natural Wedding Company

I've found the sweetest birthday party and wedding website! When The Natural Wedding Company turned five last March, founder Charlie threw a looovely website birthday party at her home in the UK. Very much my kind of party dream; Lovely ladies, vintage, flowers, crafts, cake and chatter. And that birthday cake! Weee... See more images and read about this perfect afternoon here.

Images: Mark Tattersall for The Natural Wedding Company


Dreamy - FaB Keramik

Today is a beautiful sunny day here, with the smell of spring and the green looking oh so green. However, while scrubbing sinks and dusting furnitures this morning (cleaning day!), I dreamt myself to Sweden a bit. Because after seeing this blog post about Frida Anthin's pottey workshop, I can't get the beautiful pictures out of my mind.:)

Image: Frida Anthin Broberg from FaB Keramik


Loove - Dots & DASHES by TOAST

I love love love the new TOAST collection called Dots&DASHES! Please fly me to England with a large suitcase!

Images: via facebook.com/toast


From my kitchen with love and chocolate

For "Post aus meiner Küche", I also prepared chocolate treats for my swapping partner Manuela. I made Homemade Nutella from Le voyage créatif and Crisp Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies from smitten kitchen.
I love a chewy cookie let's hope my swapping partner does too. :)

Sweet Parcel

This week I participated in a German baking swap. It's called "Post aus meiner Küche" which means mail from my kitchen. See the sweet results here on Pinterest. And these three bloggers organized it: Clara, Jeanny and Rike.
I received my sweet parcel from Manuela yesterday and it was truly a magic moment to open it. Getting a sweet surprise parcel is great! It contained yummie chocolate dipped almonds, chocolate pistacchio lollipops and heavenly chocolate caramel slices, all nicely packaged. It's so delicious, I had a very sweet breakfast this morning and I'm already looking forward to dessert. Thank you Manuela!


Spacy Animals - The Good Machinery

These colourful animals make me smile! I'd love to see, one of them sitting on my desk. You can find more in the The Good Machinery online shop.

Images: via The Good Machinery

Get the Look on Etsy

Today I like this Get The look post on the etsy blog. They feature the home of blogger Katrin fom Taking Notes. A bit of country, a of bit modern and minimal, natural colours; Beautiful! I love a harmonious mix!

Image: by lillian day via etsy blog


Inspiring Stories - vanbelkomproducties

copyright: Henny van Belkom

vanbelkomproducties is a Dutch company run by photographer Henny van Belkom and former art director Javotte Gustafsson. They offer photography, styling and production work. And looking at their online portfolio, they do a great job! Such natural, versatile stories yet carrying a signature style. I love it! Have a look at their website and inspiring portfolio! 

Interior Magazine Love - A Swap

I'm organizing a small International Interior Magazine Swap!

1 I look for 4 domestic swappers (Switzerland, Germany and Austria) and 4 international swappers. Send me an email until 7th May, 8pm with your email, mailing and blog address (if you have one). My email address is: rosenzucker@gmail.com

2 I will pair a domestic swapper with an international swapper and send both of you the address. You then organize the swap between yourself.

3 Exchange 2 -3 interior magazines. They must be in very good condition or even new. Ask your swapping partner about preferences and style taste.

4 Each swapper pays the shipping (be aware of the cost for international mails!) but not for the magazines.

5 Please note that you can't request a swapper from a specific country. But the surprise adds to the fun!

6 If there are more than 8 participants to pair, I will of course increase the number. I include myself in the swap :) and I will pair with the swapper that sends in the last participation.

7 If you like the idea, spread the word! Thank you! :)

Homemade furnitures - Sapore dei Mobili

Do you like your chair topped with chocolate or powder sugar?

Thanks to product designer Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Preira, you can now truly enjoy your furnitures.:)
Mix a batter, fill it in a  furniture waffle pan, bake and decorate... It's as easy as buying a new chair.

The project called SAPORE DEI MOBILI is a fun idea but the two designers critical thought behind their work is: Do we still have appetite for all this furniture? Which is a reflection about the fast changing contemporary fashion industry. Well, a sweet reflection it is...