Visit Jane Cumberbatch's Home

Jane Cumberbatch's Pure Style philosophy to live a simpler life and to find beauty in ordinary things is so close to my heart and I feel inspired by it every time I look and read her Pure Style blog.

Here is a link of the location agency 1stOption where you can take a stroll trough Jane Cumberbatch's beautiful London house. 

I would move in immediately! 


Cute Kitchen Shop - Mignon

Trough Odessa May Society I discovered the new kitchen shop called Mignon which means cute in French. And yes, how cute this shop is! I love the idea to devote a shop to simple beautiful kitchen tools and nice packaging. This shop is a labour of love!

Images: Mignon


Dreamy - Reverie Magazine

Today I love the first issue of the Reverie Magazine.
So dreamy and full of wedding inspiration. You don't have to get married to love the work by this two lovely ladies. A wonderful job they did! Their charming website design it worth a visit too!

Image: www.shelldemar.com


Sweet Jar - Bonnie's Jams

I have a crush on Bonnie's Jams. I looove the label design! This jar is definitely too nice to hide in a kitchen cupboard. And the flavors mmmh...

I discoverd Bonnie's Jams in the Old Faithful Shop. Make sure to check it out. They sell simple, charming products. Beautiful! 

Image: Old Faithful Shop


Scandinavian Simplicity - Oliver Furniture

Today I discovered the brand Oliver Furniture by Søren Rørbæk. The Danish company creates furnitures in an authentic but modern Scandinavian style. They carry many children furniture and have stockists in different parts of Europe. I think their furnitures are the perfect background for mix and match and to play with colours and patterns. I love them!