SIWA Products - Washi Paper Wonder

ONAO is a Japanese manufacturer of (washi) paper. They recently collaborated with industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa and launched SIWA, a product line of everday items like bags, stationary products and even fashion wear. The paper is strong, tearproof and highly water resistant. It looks beautiful almost like leather. I would love to stroke it with my fingers. The best, the so called Naoron paper is non-toxic even when burnt.

Images: onao.co.jp


Scandinavian Bliss and Beautiful Books

Do you know stylist Dorrit Elmquist and photographer Brigitta Wolfgang Drejer? These two Danish creatives published five books about Scandinavian interior style together and I hope very much there is more to come. I didn't find any English books but even if you don't know Danish or German I can highly recommend you to get a book by them. Pure Scandinavian bliss! In every book they visit different individual Danish and Swedish homes. From modern minimal to romantic style, you will find large very atmospherical images and even some recipes. I own four books by them (excluding the book about Danish hotels by the sea) and I still spend time with them happily.

You can have a small preview of the books here (just click on the covers). 

Images: Brigitta Wolfgang Drejer


White, organized and beautiful

A few years ago I read in the IKEA Family magazine a portrait of a beautiful white appartment in the Netherlands. Somehow I didn't keep the pages but I kept the beautiful images on my mind. Browsing the Ikea family Live website yesterday, I found them again! Find more here.

Images: www.ikeafamilylive.com


Pretty Nails

I was visiting Lotta Jansdotters website recently and afterwards I found this image on my computer by accident. I think this pretty nails look actually look a bit like a work from Lotta's studio. So nice! I want to try this!

Image: I don't know who to credit for this image. Please let me know if you do!


Very very nice - Violet Cakes

I haven't visited Violet Cakes in London (not yet!) but their cakes and cupcakes must be my favourite (to look at)! I love their simple, natural style and the flavours mmmm....

Fashion blogger Susie Bubble made a cute video about her visit to Violet Cakes. You have to see her eating cupcakes, soo cute! She matches them perfectly! Watch it here.

Images: violetcakes.com