Petite and beautiful - Paper & Type

Paper & Type calls itself a petite graphic design co. And yes, the range in the shop is as petite as it is beautiful! I love simple shops with a small selected range. Victoria, a papergirl and owner of Paper & Type does also custom projects. Visit the website and shop to see more of her wonderful work.

Images: Paper & Type

Let them eat ice cream!

Yesterday I discovered the book "Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams" and now I have dreams of a freezer full of Jeni's tubs. I think her shops must be some of the happiest places in the USA. :)

How cute is the Easter Ice Cream Collection and the Cake inspired flavours, OMG...
And don't miss this beautiful, delicious video on how to make chocolate ice cream at home.

Images: Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams


Lovely Find - Elv's Blog

The home of blogger Elvera gets a new dress regulary and you can follow its inspiring transformation on her blog called Elv's. I totally love her choice of colours and textile patterns and would like to see them in my home too.

Images and styling: Elvera from Elv's


Great idea - Guerilla Cafe

Near were I live, someone is doing a guerilla cafe. A nice idea, especially as it is really hard to find an open café or tearoom on Sundays in St.Gallen. The flyer looks already promising.

I was dreaming about doing a guerilla café since a longer time. Now someone else is actually brave enough to do it. Congratulations! I think we need charming ideas like this.

If you like to read about guerilla gastronomy, there is an article on wikipedia about underground restaurants.


Book Love - Bringing Nature Home

Since yesterday I'm the happy owner of a wonderful inspiring book. It's the German titel of Bringing Nature Home, a book full of flower ideas and great interior photos. The Styling is done by Nicolette Owen, the founder of the Little Flower School in New York.
Her arrangement are so artistic yet natural and keeping some wildness, which I totally love. If I would be a painter I could place myself in her flower shop Saipua and paint all day long.

The photos are taken by Ngoc Minh Ngo (you can find an interesting interview about her career here).


Simply beautiful - Makié

My new dream: A black dress, silver sandals and light pink lip balsam from Makié. Makié is a boutique in New York selling mainly baby and children clothes. Their pieces are adorable! And their simple, zakka style website too!


House tour in Sweden - Hustoppen

How about a house tour in Sweden? The Swedish tv channel TV8 has a program called Husstoppen (=housestop) where they visit extraordinary homes and their owner. You can see the home above on their website; Great design, a sweet family and a fantastic bookshelf!

I'm not sure if I eventually could live in a minimalistic house as the one above but I like the thought of living in very simple house and as a contrast being surrounded by a wild and romantic garden full of flowers...

Image: Nasmus Norlander via house.nu


The Selby in Hitoshi Uchida's home

I'm head over heels for the home of Hitoshi Uchida's family in Kamakura. What an inspiring surrounding and interior. This home must be perfect to recharge one's batteries. Hitoshi is the owner of the vintage boutique J'Antiques in Tokyo. You can find some images of this exceptional shop here. And more images of his home on The Selby.

Images: The Selby


Like a magnet - Edinburgh

There is something special about Edinburgh for me.
I've never been there but when I see a photo it feels like a city I know from my dreams...

Image: dpa


Best friend - Diamond Light

On Hannah Lemholt's blog I discovered an image of the Diamond Light. Instant love! The Diamond Light is a work by product designer Eric Therner and can be found in this shop. They have free shipping worldwide!

Image: Jesper Lindström


Make your pet happy - Mungo & Maud


To be honest, dogs and cats probably don't care too much about their baskets, leads and biscuits being stylish and carefully chosen (but well, who knows?). And they don't mind you putting on your oldest not so fashionable jacket for a walk either. But they are happy when you are happy! So, let's go shopping at Mungo&Maud!

Run by a husband and wife team, Mungo&Maud call themself dog&cat outfitters, how cute. They sell well-designed, stylish but not decadent products for your pet as well as some clothing and accessoires for human beings.

They have two locations in London, one near Sloane Square and one inside Harrod's but you can get their products trough retailers in other countries too.

I wonder if you could give their cute soft toy to a baby and eat the Vanilla Bones Treats by yourself. And the dog fragrance "Petite Almond" could just be my kind of scent...

Whispering a story - Soul of Maïa

The magic of style happens when an object whispers you a ongoing story...
The feminime jewellery of the Swedish label Soul of Maïa does that to me and I'm charmed about what I hear. Owner Sussi Norberg and Marie Hagén choose wonderful materials and colours to create a special atmosphere around their pieces. 

Visit their blog for more images and find out about retailers on their website.

Hanna Rössner is the photographer of the beautiful images and her blog is worth a visit too.

Images: Hanna Rössner


IKEA List For A Spring Afternoon Tea

Julia from Julias Vita Drömmar is planning an Ikea shopping tour and she inspired me to create my own Ikea list. First shopping then a relaxed spring afternoon tea with freshly brewed Jasmine tea and Swedish apple cake with cream...

1 VÄRME teapot for Jasmine tea
2 BAKELSE cup for romantic sipping
3 FORSLA bowl for the cream
4 SMARTA for baking the apple cake
5 UNDRE napkins for those crumbs
6 BONUS cutlery for stylish nibbling
7 FÄRGRIK plate for your piece of cake

Here you I found a nice Swedish apple cake recipe from 
O Pistachio.