Make your pet happy - Mungo & Maud


To be honest, dogs and cats probably don't care too much about their baskets, leads and biscuits being stylish and carefully chosen (but well, who knows?). And they don't mind you putting on your oldest not so fashionable jacket for a walk either. But they are happy when you are happy! So, let's go shopping at Mungo&Maud!

Run by a husband and wife team, Mungo&Maud call themself dog&cat outfitters, how cute. They sell well-designed, stylish but not decadent products for your pet as well as some clothing and accessoires for human beings.

They have two locations in London, one near Sloane Square and one inside Harrod's but you can get their products trough retailers in other countries too.

I wonder if you could give their cute soft toy to a baby and eat the Vanilla Bones Treats by yourself. And the dog fragrance "Petite Almond" could just be my kind of scent...

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