Dreamy - FaB Keramik

Today is a beautiful sunny day here, with the smell of spring and the green looking oh so green. However, while scrubbing sinks and dusting furnitures this morning (cleaning day!), I dreamt myself to Sweden a bit. Because after seeing this blog post about Frida Anthin's pottey workshop, I can't get the beautiful pictures out of my mind.:)

Image: Frida Anthin Broberg from FaB Keramik


Loove - Dots & DASHES by TOAST

I love love love the new TOAST collection called Dots&DASHES! Please fly me to England with a large suitcase!

Images: via facebook.com/toast


From my kitchen with love and chocolate

For "Post aus meiner Küche", I also prepared chocolate treats for my swapping partner Manuela. I made Homemade Nutella from Le voyage créatif and Crisp Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies from smitten kitchen.
I love a chewy cookie let's hope my swapping partner does too. :)

Sweet Parcel

This week I participated in a German baking swap. It's called "Post aus meiner Küche" which means mail from my kitchen. See the sweet results here on Pinterest. And these three bloggers organized it: Clara, Jeanny and Rike.
I received my sweet parcel from Manuela yesterday and it was truly a magic moment to open it. Getting a sweet surprise parcel is great! It contained yummie chocolate dipped almonds, chocolate pistacchio lollipops and heavenly chocolate caramel slices, all nicely packaged. It's so delicious, I had a very sweet breakfast this morning and I'm already looking forward to dessert. Thank you Manuela!


Spacy Animals - The Good Machinery

These colourful animals make me smile! I'd love to see, one of them sitting on my desk. You can find more in the The Good Machinery online shop.

Images: via The Good Machinery

Get the Look on Etsy

Today I like this Get The look post on the etsy blog. They feature the home of blogger Katrin fom Taking Notes. A bit of country, a of bit modern and minimal, natural colours; Beautiful! I love a harmonious mix!

Image: by lillian day via etsy blog


Inspiring Stories - vanbelkomproducties

copyright: Henny van Belkom

vanbelkomproducties is a Dutch company run by photographer Henny van Belkom and former art director Javotte Gustafsson. They offer photography, styling and production work. And looking at their online portfolio, they do a great job! Such natural, versatile stories yet carrying a signature style. I love it! Have a look at their website and inspiring portfolio! 

Interior Magazine Love - A Swap

I'm organizing a small International Interior Magazine Swap!

1 I look for 4 domestic swappers (Switzerland, Germany and Austria) and 4 international swappers. Send me an email until 7th May, 8pm with your email, mailing and blog address (if you have one). My email address is: rosenzucker@gmail.com

2 I will pair a domestic swapper with an international swapper and send both of you the address. You then organize the swap between yourself.

3 Exchange 2 -3 interior magazines. They must be in very good condition or even new. Ask your swapping partner about preferences and style taste.

4 Each swapper pays the shipping (be aware of the cost for international mails!) but not for the magazines.

5 Please note that you can't request a swapper from a specific country. But the surprise adds to the fun!

6 If there are more than 8 participants to pair, I will of course increase the number. I include myself in the swap :) and I will pair with the swapper that sends in the last participation.

7 If you like the idea, spread the word! Thank you! :)

Homemade furnitures - Sapore dei Mobili

Do you like your chair topped with chocolate or powder sugar?

Thanks to product designer Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Preira, you can now truly enjoy your furnitures.:)
Mix a batter, fill it in a  furniture waffle pan, bake and decorate... It's as easy as buying a new chair.

The project called SAPORE DEI MOBILI is a fun idea but the two designers critical thought behind their work is: Do we still have appetite for all this furniture? Which is a reflection about the fast changing contemporary fashion industry. Well, a sweet reflection it is...


Dreamy - Decorative Country Living

So sweet and dreamy; The shop of Decorative Country Living! Now and then, I need a dose of British romantic country style to look at. And while sipping black tea, I secretly dream of living in a cozy cottage with a flower garden...

Photography and Styling: Decorative Country Living


Like one bite of a delicious cake

Here on issue.com you can have many previews of Dutch home magzines like vtwonen and ardiane at Home for example. It's like tasting a bite of a very delicious cake without the chance to have more. Unless you live in the Netherlands. ;)


Embracing age - Advanced Style Blog

Today I read an article about blogger Ari Seth Cohen and his blog Advanced Style; Another kind of streetstyle blog featuring older folks. It's fun to look at and it's so good to see that style and creativity doesn't stop with age. I think quite the opposite is true.

Image: via Advanced Style Blog by Ari Seth Cohen


Wishing you a happy Sunday

The cute image above is from the Swedish Elle Interiör website. I found it via this great blog: La maison d'Anna G.

Image: via elleinterior.se

IKEA Inspiration Goodies

One strenght of IKEA is to inspire people with new ideas and I love to visit their different country websites to find new inspiration goodies. Here are some links that I found:

On the Swedish website you can browse past issues of the Ikea Live magazines. Find it here.

On the UK site you find detailed describtions and tips from home owners. Find it here.

Do you know the Norway version of Livet Hemma? It is called Livet Hjemme and has different postings. Find it here.

There is also a catalogue filled with images of real Norway homes. It's called something like "the catalogue of the folks". Find it here.

In Germany one can win an IKEA home makeover and they produce fun videos with the winners. Click on "Alle Gewinner" to see all videos. Find it here. 

Image: from IKEA Livet Hjemme


Love at the first pages - Covet Garden

Gosh, do you know the e-magazine Covet Garden? I didn't! Thanks to Herriot Grace's blog I now do. Love at the first pages! And eventually I could peak into Nikole's home...

Beautiful blog - la porte rouge

Today I read this cute post by Tartlette and discovered through it the blog la porte rouge. It's a a beautiful, very personal blog with a special and artistic atmosphere shining trough. And it made me fall in love with the Vermont countryside. Get a cup of tea and take your time to get inspired...

Images: from la porte rouge


Happy Easter!

Wishing you a happy Easter with lots of chocolate and laughter!

Image: coop.ch


Rendez-vous of Designers - XKIEKE

Online shop XKIEKE is a gem of an online shop. With the meaning in mind that "love and care makes beautiful things" owner Kieke carefully chooses products that are made of natural materials, handmade and limited edition. The products by different international designers work so well together, it's absolutely lovely.
XKIEKE is located in the Netherlands and does international orders.

Images: via XKIEKE


Looking for Spring on 101 Woonideeën

Spring is taking a break here and according to the weatherforecast it will be even snowing on the Easter weekend. Easter with snow is definitely worse than Christmas without snow. Well, we can't chance the weather, so let's buy a bunch of flowers and look at happy interiors.

Where have I been? I just found out, that the blog of 101 Woonideeën is a great source for interior inspiration.

More colourful interior happiness here!