Interior Magazine Love - A Swap

I'm organizing a small International Interior Magazine Swap!

1 I look for 4 domestic swappers (Switzerland, Germany and Austria) and 4 international swappers. Send me an email until 7th May, 8pm with your email, mailing and blog address (if you have one). My email address is: rosenzucker@gmail.com

2 I will pair a domestic swapper with an international swapper and send both of you the address. You then organize the swap between yourself.

3 Exchange 2 -3 interior magazines. They must be in very good condition or even new. Ask your swapping partner about preferences and style taste.

4 Each swapper pays the shipping (be aware of the cost for international mails!) but not for the magazines.

5 Please note that you can't request a swapper from a specific country. But the surprise adds to the fun!

6 If there are more than 8 participants to pair, I will of course increase the number. I include myself in the swap :) and I will pair with the swapper that sends in the last participation.

7 If you like the idea, spread the word! Thank you! :)

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