Concept for a dream house

I think I 've found a concept for my dream house; An open mezzanin level, house high bookshelves, skylight in a bedroom that opens to a terrace! :) Well, the downside of this mezzanin design is, that it's not child savely at all and maybe not even for adults... sigh. Find all images of this extraordinary home here.

Images: Andreas Meichsener for nytimes.com


  1. Hi Alexandra, we have the same concept of a dream house. Like you, I also love wooden floorings and ceilings. Being surrounded by these, makes me feel like I’m living in a nature-inspired place. My dream house is just a simple but comfortable nature-inspired place.

  2. As a book lover, I also dream to have a house with high bookshelves. Placing a bookshelf beside my bed in a spacious room like this can make reading fun and entertaining. It can also motivate me to read more books. It is a good habit to read my favorite books before sleeping as it increases my reading comprehension and sharpens my memory.

  3. I like your wood preference for a house. Every part looks very warm because of that. One common thing of our dream house, though, apart from all the bookshelves is the skylight in the bedroom that opens to the terrace. That’s exactly how I want my bedroom window to be structured, too, Alexandra. I believe that it’s always better to start a day in close contact with nature. :)

    Galliena Gornet